Established in 1982, Northwest Tech-Con Systems Ltd. Is a wholly Canadian owned and operated manufacturing company based in Burnaby,BC, Canada.

Our clients include Municipalities, the Federal Government, General Industries, Commercial Buildings, Oil Companies and the Forestry Industry. Our products range from fully automatic pump controls, pumping stations, sewage and water treatment plant controls, water distribution system controls, generator controls, level measurement instrumentation, remote communication controls (SCADA) and many other types of custom built machine control panels.

There are thousands of NWTC control panels with a variety of different styles and applications currently in use in North America. All NWTC control systems embody modern technology and innovative designs that are c-UL-us and Intertek approved.

Over the years, NWTC has established itself as a leader in the pump control industry in Western Canada. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that our research and development must include new technologies and methods as they become available if we are to maintain our present position and growth.